Work With Me

Discovery Call

30 minutes to meet with your consultant. Get clear on goals and objectives based on your specific needs.


Strategy Session

60-90 minutes spent with your consultant who will deliver to you a strategy for your next steps. Answer questions and have an opportunity to dive in deep with you about your process.


Accountability Calls

15 minutes check-in calls with your consultant. Must book a minimum of four sessions to ensure effectiveness and your game plan is moving you in the right direction.


Please Note

These calls will not provide mental health or any other type of health service. No diagnosis, treatment recommendations or advice regarding any mental health condition or illness will be offered. These educational consultations calls/sessions cannot be a substitute for or alternative to treatment when a mental health condition is present. Educational consultation clients are advised to seek professional services from licensed physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and health care professionals, if and when necessary. These groups are not considered therapy or a substitute for a professional relationship with a mental health professional. By enrolling you understand and agree that these are strictly educational consultations are not and should not be assumed or considered therapy or as a substitute for therapy with a licensed professional. They are intended for educational consulting purposes only.